Comparing the novel Moby Dick to the movie version

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Moby Dick Movie Review These days, producers and writers work together to try and reproduce classic novels as motion pictures. How precise can a motion picture company re-create a classic? Sometimes they aren’t as accurate and realistic as they may think. Although the motion picture somewhat differs from Melville’s work, the realistic portrayal and overall cinematography of the movie are worthy of praise. In this motion picture re-creation, the writers seem to have …

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…unrealistic. It is very noticeable that the water around Ahab and Moby Dick is that of a tank and not the ocean. The writers and producers of this movie didn’t portray Melville’s work perfectly, but they came as close as they could. The re-creation of a novel is not usually very precise, although the realistic portrayals of the work and the cinematography assist in making the movie acceptable to the public. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**