Comparing the movie "Awakenings" with the book "Charlie"

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The movie "Awakenings" Is about a boy who slowly slows down until his brain is oblivious to his surroundings. The book "Charlie" Is about a mentally challenged man who undergoes a surgery to make his intelligence increase to the norm, except it increases to the point of brilliancy. Both Charlie and Leonard learned to appreciate the smaller things in life as a result of what they went threw. The intelligence that Charlie obtained and Leonard's …

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…he had the consciousness of a rock, however he had his mother to guide him and to be there for him. She didn't feel any differently for him as a result of what he had become. She was by his side the whole way. His doctor was also there for him and put his life before anything else. They led very different lives. When one thinks of one character, the other doesn't come to mind.