Comparing archaic greek art to helenistic greek art.

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Archaic and Hellenistic art During the late geometric period the Greeks had many great accomplishments and to add to them during the seventh and sixth century they achieved even greater talents in visual arts. The artist in the archaic period paid close detail to the shape of the human body but not so much detail to the face. As more time passed Greek artist especially in the Hellenistic period modeled the close detail to the …

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…smile. For example, the sculpture of Eros sleeping (250-150 B.C.E.) pays close attention to the curves in the body when one is lying down. It also pays attention to the relaxed muscles and skin folds in the body and the face. In this period one can clearly see the evolution of Greek sculpting. The art in the archaic period played a huge role in the production of detailed art in the Hellenistic period.