Comparing and contrasting "Macbeth" by Willian Shakespeare to "Lx" by Pablo Neruda. In this essay many examples of death are used to explain the emotions of the main characters.

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In Macbeth by William Shakespeare and the LX by Pablo Neruda, imagery is the main thing used to describe how both Macbeth and LX are alike. In both pieces, many examples of hatred, darkness, and death are used to give the readers an idea of how the characters are alike in the way they feel. In Macbeth, readers were given clear images of how he was feeling throughout the play. After the murder of Duncan, …

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…from peoples suffering. In both pieces of work characters show their feelings and emotions towards other people and towards themselves. They express their feelings and emotions in various ways by murder and by the love of Death. Even though the characters had different ways of showing their emotions, Macbeth being more subtle and the character of LX being straight forward, the same methods were used for the feelings to be expressed, through death and darkness.