Comparing and Contrasting "The Rain of Gold" by Victor Villasenor and "The Odyssey" by Homer

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Comparison Essay - Rain of Gold and The Odyssey Authors tend to share similar approaches to the style in which they write and the techniques they use. Whether because of comparable characters or because of similar events that take place in two stories, stories often seem to follow similar trails and portray related stories. The Odyssey by Homer and Rain of Gold by Victor Villaseñor are two such stories that follow comparable trails. Throughout …

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…Villasenor's Rain of Gold, there are more similarities between the two. Several of the characters are comparable to one another, there are similar dualities used in both stories, and the stories share several stylistic techniques. Thus, these two stories happen to follow similar patterns through the way the two authors presented their stories Works Cited Homer. The Odyssey of Homer. Trans. Richard Lattimore. New York: Harper, 1967. Villaseñor, Victor. Rain of Gold. New York: Delta, 1991