Comparing Thomas Reid and David Hume on the topic of the mind-body problem

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Is there an "I", or a "self"? What exactly does this "self" refer to? These are questions raised by personal identity that many philosophers have attempted to answer. Most people would probably believe that they have a self, but there are people and philosophers that think differently. One such philosopher opposed to the idea of a self is David Hume. On the other side of the argument, Thomas Reid, another philosopher, believed that there is …

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…He was able to take a complicated argument of personal identity, and solve this argument using common sense. The phenomenon of memory has enabled us to prove our personal identity through our relationship to an event in the past. Hume believed that everything was always changing, and that nothing could be permanent, but according to Reid, the self is always the same. Personal identity is a perfect identity that is always constant and never changing.