Comparing Buddha and Jesus' lives and Ideas.

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Throughout history there have been many wise and noble men who have lead the human race in many different directions. These men include Ancient Athenian Socrates, American Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., Indian philosopher and founder of Buddhism, The Buddha, and the central figure of Christianity, Jesus. All of these men had many similar traits and ideas. All of these men spoke of very noble ideas such as humility, justice, and peace. However, …

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…same experiences and Ideas. Their lives and thoughts on certain issues almost mirror each other. They share some the same thoughts on material objects, adultery, treatment of others, and many other issues. Although there are some differences between The Buddha and Jesus their basic ideas have the same underlying meaning. Works Cited The Dhammapada, trans. Eknath Easwaran. California: Nilgiri Press, 1985. Jesus Christ," Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2003. <> (1997-2003), Microsoft Corporation.