Comparing "Blue Winds Dancing" with "Lunch Counter sit-ins"

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Comparing "Blue Winds Dancing" with "Lunch Counter sit-ins" The reason for choosing the "lunch Counter Sit-ins" in comparison with the short story "Blue Winds Dancing", is because they both deal with inequalities and acceptance between different races, especially between minorities and Caucasians. Both the "Lunch Counter Sit-ins", and the short story "Blue Winds Dancing" take place in the early 1970's. In addition to have taken place around the same time, both take place in a …

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…speak their mind, tom feel's that he is unable to change history, and that the "white man" will always overcome his Native American background. While the blacks fight the whites against segregation, and unfair treatment, tom resides at his reservation, only to regret his lost cause. Although both deal with acceptance assimilating with white people, where as the blacks are trying to get equality, Tom in "Blue Winds Dancing", decides to leave society all together.