Compare and Contrast "Ceremonial Dance Masks of the Oceanic and the African Culture".

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"Ceremonial Dance Masks of the Oceanic and African Culture" Ceremonial headresses are a spiritual symbol of the cultures of both Oceanic and African people. Though the 20th century dance masks of each culture are similar in that they are both painted wooden stylistic representations of a human head, they differ in their use in rituals and in their nature as a cultural icon. The Oceanic Dance Mask Headress from Siassi Island off the north coast …

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…Zoomorphic people. The cultures of the Oceanic and African people differ in there traditions, resulting in the varying stylistic presentation of their artwork. Both cultures use masks and headresses in spirtiualistc ceremonies, although the rituals had very different meanings. While the warlike vengence of the Oceanic people expressed in the presentation and materials used in their ceremonial dance mask. The bright colors and ornamentation of the African headress shows the peaceable nature of their culture.