Compare Contrast Essay on Hoops and He Got Game

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Compare & Contrast Essay "Hoops" vs. "He Got Game" "Hoops" is a story about a group of teenagers that play street basketball. They do not have many opportunities until one day when a man named "Cal" offers to coach them in a tournament that will give all the players exposure to "scouts". "He Got Game," on the other hand, is about a player who has too many opportunities. The story focuses on his struggle over whether …

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…it would probably be Lonnie that would come out on top, because of his strong personality and determination. Even though they were players that came from different circumstances, there are still many ways that Jesus and Lonnie were alike. Lonnie and Jesus had similar experiences growing up just as people like Michael Jordan or Mohammed Ali. The odds were against them, but they did not give up. They had leader qualities, and believed in themselves.