Compare/contrast essay for Peter Shaffer's "Equus" and Joseph Conrads "Heart of Darkness".

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Rescuers From Within Typical archetypes can span works of literature and remain instantly recognizable because of their inherent qualities. However, when dealing with ambiguous novels such as Peter Shaffer's Equus and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, these distinctions between good and evil blur and the archetypical hero no longer exists. The characters do have their respective counterparts, and form a sort of link between them with their resemblances. The fundamental thematic similarities in these two …

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…human nature. The dark beings of Kurtz and Alan symbolize the truth that society is not ready for, and they need their individual rescuers to attempt to draw them back into the light. The stories are not without their differences, and by studying the similarities, those differences become more apparent. Although not an archetypal character and plot structure, these stories have a common recurring theme, and through that are able to create a fundamental connection.