Comparative essay - A bird in the house and A jest of god

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Comparative Essay - A Bird in the House and A Jest of God One of the harsh realities of life is death. In A Bird in the House and A Jest of God, Margaret Laurence realizes the death of a loved one, the 'death of a dream', and the death of a relationship through the eyes of women. Laurence uses similar themes and ironic situations in both novels to paint a grim picture of life …

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…that incident, he, too, never comes back. These two novels written by Margaret Laurence deal with the harsh realities of death and the hardships that the survivors must endure. Laurence's writing reveals a 'Life Sucks' attitude that is reflected through heartbreak and ironic situations. In the end, although both novels are basically grim in content, they leave you with a glimmer of hope that happiness can be found, if you're willing to make a change.