Communism in Russia and the soviet union, 1917-1920's(question of why not how)

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In a free market society, business rules the land. Either you have money or you do not. There is no government to take care of you and no sympathy for those less fortunate. Karl Marx saw this as a weakness rather than strength. He developed a theory of communism, where the people rule and everything is equally shared. Russia took to this theory and enveloped it, as it's own way of life. Were Communism and …

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…Russian Revolution of 1917 and WWII. The original communists hoped to have a classless society where there was no rich or poor, and this was what was so appealing to the people of Russia and what had become the Soviet Union. The people of Russia and the Soviet Union had suffered greatly during the first world war, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and WWII and I'm that they had decided that they really had nothing to lose!