Commanders of the Army of the Potomac

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In his civil war book Commanders of the Army of the Potomac Warren Hassler Jr. fantastically recounts the events that transpired between 1861 to 1865 during which seven men were given the reigns of the North's Army of the Potomac and asked to lead the Union to victory. However, one of the greatest commanders in history stood in their way; Robert E. Lee, and each was pitted against this great general one by one and given the …

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…sources and condensing them into an understandable and well-written book which would be beneficial to anyone wishing to learn more about the military procedures during the Civil War or even the war itself in general. Hopefully we will see more works by Mr. Hassler in the future which have the same spirit and understanding as this book. Bibliography Hassler, Warren W. Jr. Commanders of the Army of the Potomac. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1962.