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Leading Cultural Diversity Research shows that diverse work teams that have received training on managing diversity score six times higher on problem-solving tests than homogenous groups. If you want a high-performance organization in today's workplace, then you must first ensure that the people in your organization are adequately equipped to work effectively in a diverse environment (National MultiCultural Institute, 2005). A culturally diverse workplace will increase productivity on large scale levels. As well as other issues …

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…the U.S., while the group population growth steadies, service organizations will need a new set of skills to better meet the needs of changing clientele in communities (Journal of Extension, 2005). National MultiCultural Institute. (n.d.). Retrieved 2005, from (National MultiCultural Institute, 2005) Schneider, B., Ed. (1990). Organizational Climate and Culture. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (Schneider, 1990). Journal of Extension. (2005). Retrieved 2005, from (Journal of Extension, 2005)