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THE COMANCHE The Comanche were brave warriors who traveled from place to place. They were clever traders who wore fancy clothes. The Comanche went from moving from place to place to living in poverty on reservations. They are doing better now. The Comanche culture is an important part of Texas. The Comanche lived in the southern plains north of Nebraska through Texas into northern Mexico. They traveled to the panhandle of Texas and into New …

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…and teachers. Since the 1900's the Comanche population has grown from about 1,500 to 8,500. The Comanche went from being fierce warriors to depending on the U.S. Government for food and shelter. They were very poor. Many things have changed to make their lives better. They have a lot of pride and dignity. The elders tell stories about the past. The story of the Comanche people is very exciting and interesting, everyone should read about it.