Colville Indians tribes. The PNW pacific northwest indian tribe. describes it's resources and colville in general

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Northwest Native Americans The PNW Native Americans have been in the Pacific Northwest for over 14,000 years, and survived using innovative methods. Among the most innovative were the Colville Indian tribes. The Colville Indians reservation over in Eastern Washington covers 1.4 million acres, and is primarily in Okanogan and Ferry counties. The reservation consists of tribally owned lands held in federal trust status for the Confederated Tribes. The vast desert land is located in the Columbia Plateau. …

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…electricity. Safe, unable roadways throughout the reservation are lacking. Modern health clinics and youth shelters are also very low. The Confederated tribes strive to protect and enhance the quality of life for Colville tribal members and at the same time, govern as a sovereign nation. Some might say that the Colville Indians used to survive better with centuries ago, probably because there were more salmon to harvest. Bibliography: