Columbus, Explorer or Conquistador?

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Christopher Columbus. Everybody knows this name. Mostly people praise him as a hero, who discovered America for them not even knowing about the crimes he committed in the New World. So, who is he? The great explorer or a greedy conqueror stripped from humanity? Until recently I knew only one side of Columbusís personality, that consisted of myths and half-truths. I considered Christopher Columbus one of the greatest explorers of all time; an Italian …

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…me. Maybe itís because of my great love and interest in culture of Native Americans, may be itís my inacceptance of violence. But I canít understand how can people celebrate the Columbus Day? We should mourn for innocent nation instead. What if it would be all happening now with us? What if Columbusís soldiers sharpened their knives on our friends? Would it also be just a price for a historical movement?