Color Symbolism in Thr Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald.

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Color Symbolism The Great Gatsby is an extremely suspenseful and interesting novel due to the fact of Fitzgerald use of color symbolism. Color symbolism was used a lot through out the nineteen twenties even by Fitzgerald. He uses color symbolism a great deal throughout The Great Gatsby. Without color symbolism you would not truly understand the theme of The Great Gatsby. Color symbolism also explains feelings the characters experience. There are many different colors portrayed …

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…a story, and can influence it significantly. In The Great Gatsby color symbolism told a lot about the characters. It showed what the characters were like on the inside, the choices they made, and where they lived. Color symbolism gives a story dimension. Also it gives fascinating clues to the readers and lets people relate to the characters. Some say you can't notice color symbolism but it made a significant difference in The Great Gatsby.