Coloniel settlement In Virginia

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The Colonial Settlement in Virginia Long ago, in the beggining... People came to North America via a land bridge alled the Bering Strait. The people who ventured over became accustomed to the enviroment and began to spread throughout the entire North American contient. They had many decades to grow, prosper, and to establish themselves permanently. As they continued to evolve, the inhabitants of the Eurpoean contienent also evolved. Soon curiosity set in and the more …

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…His land was divided in to three "manors". The Greenway, the Leeds, and the Gooney. In the End... the people who ventured into the Shenandoah Valley stayed, grew, and prosperd. They origional settlers branched off to cover more land area. While this was taking place other, new settlers were coming in and setting up "home". Through time this repeats and contiues over and over creating the society we know today. The Shenandoah Valley. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**