Colonialism 2

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The relationship between core and periphery nations can be observed by looking at the experiences of the people in the books, "Nectar In A Sieve" by Kamala Merkandaya and "Don't Be Afraid Gringo" by Media Benjamin. In both the books Rukmani and Elvia narrate the changes caused by the various stages of capitalism brought by Great Britain in India and by the United States in Honduras respectively. The core periphery relations between these countries lead …

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…Agrarian Reform Laws helped her fight with the government for the injustices done to the campesinos. She was thus able to recognize monopoly capitalism by the U.S as being the cause of poverty in Honduras. Looking at the argument presented in this essay it can be seen that both Rukmani and Elvia's lives were greatly affected by the effects of core periphery relations and they faced great problems with issues of land and education.