Colonial Period

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Both New England and the Chesapeake region started off as colonies, established essentially by England, yet, developed into two different areas with very distinctive traits. Such a difference in development occurred mainly because of religion, government, economics, and society. A group of Puritans first founded the Plymouth bay colony, which became a part of Massachusetts, which is considered a part of New England. As well as Massachusetts, New England encompassed New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, and …

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…There were very scarce women in the area, which disappointed many of the men’s dreams of starting a family. Society was mainly based on position or rank…like whether or not you were a slave, indentured servant, farmer, craftsmen, government worker, etc. etc. The ranks went higher and higher. Families and marriages rarely existed in this region, and if they did, the marriages/families were unsuccessful and resulted in divorces for the most part.