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A Leader Whom I Admire: General Colin Powell There are many character and leadership traits I admire in Colin Powell, beginning with his childhood. Colin Powell’s parents are Jamican immigrants; he was born in New York City on April 5, 1937, and raised in the South Bronx. His education began in New York City public schools, and at City College of New York. While attending City College he participated in ROTC and received a commission as …

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…my education and experience has allowed me to be recognized as a leader (on my own level) to the people I have managed over the years. That I have been able to provide a goal and lead to the achievement of this common goal we share. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** SOURCES: My American Journey Colin L. Powell, Joseph E. Persico(Contributor); Ballantine Books; (August 1996) ISBN: 0345407288 Mass Market Paperback General Colin Powell URL: