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Data Analysis Demographics of Coffee Drinkers 1.1 Gender. The convenient sample taken from a total of 150 NTU students comprises of 95 males and 55 females. Males represent a larger percentage of instant coffee drinkers in the sample (63%) as compared to females (37%). 1.2 Race. Majority (93%) of the students were Chinese, with Malay students comprising 2%, Indian students forming 2.7%, Eurasian and students of other races each forming 0.7% of the entire sample. 1.3 Nationality. Singaporean students made up the bulk of interviewees, comprising of 74%, …

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…to introduce a new instant coffee brand into the market, they should pay attention to lower the price temporarily, i.e. using of introductory pricing below existing brands. Sub-conclusion Having said about the correlation between advertising, price, packaging and country of origin, advertisers may wish to coordinate these factors in the promotion of an instant coffee brand. Existing distributors of coffee may also do well to stock well-known brands of instant coffee to attract customers.