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Cocaine is an alkaloid obtained from leaves of the coca plant and used medically as a local anesthetic. It is also widely abused as a drug. Native Americans of the Inca Empire chewed coca leaves to obtain mild euphoria, stimulation, and alertness. The drug was first isolated in 1855 and came to be used widely as a local anesthetic in minor surgery. Cocaine has long been known as a drug of abuse, but it projected in …

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…the dying patient as painfree as possible, awake, alert, and fully conscious until the final moments of their lives. In conclusion, the effect of this central nervous system stimulant is dependent upon the dose, the drugís purity, the userís mind-set, the psychosocial setting, and the route of the administration. Even though it has been used for medical purposes it is still a dangerous drug and is abused tremendously causing death in severe cases.