Clothes Make the Man: A Discussion of Symbolism in Clothing

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It is a truth recognized throughout history. What you wear determines what people think of you. Even Shakespeare said “For the apparel oft proclaims the man.” Therefore, people, especially youth, in today’s society choose what they wear very carefully, in accordance with what they want to tell the people around them. There are many popular subcultures today with a distinct style of clothing. This paper will be concentrating on those known as Goths, Punks …

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…do. On a final note, self-proclaimed Posers avoid the universal branding, and are allowed, by default, to temporarily be admitted to whatever group they are dressed as, so long as they know more about the actual culture than the common phrases and styles. So, in conclusion, different styles of clothing can represent different or similar types of symbols in today's society. Without these symbols, we wouldn't have the type of eccentric community that we do.