Cloning Humans is Something That Should Never Be Done

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If a 50 year old human was cloned. What would result is a 50 year old in a babys body. Its not that it would have the brain of a 50 year old. This new creation would just age like it was 50. A 50 year old doesnt have the ability to develope like a newborn baby does. There is the thought of cloning for "spare parts". What this means, is cloning a human so that the if the human …

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…wrong with theyre part. The clone will too. Also, this clone would have emotions. It would feel things, clones aren't robots. If the clone was simply made for "spare parts", it would just be thrown into a closet or something. No one would care for it. How would that feel? It would feel pretty awful to know that no one loves you, or cares for you. Cloning humans is a very evil thing to do.