Cloning: Is It Morally Wrong?

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Cloning: Is It Morally Wrong? Leon Kass writes, “We are repelled by the prospect of cloning human beings not because of the strangeness or novelty of the undertaking, but because we intuit and feel, immediately and without argument, the violation of things that we rightfully hold dear.” [Kass p. 575] People need to understand that when thinking about cloning. It would definitely be a strange world if people had clones. The question makes us all think. …

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…baby must remember “the ‘perfect baby,’ is the project not of the infertility doctor but of the eugenic scientists and their supporters.” [Kass p.579] It is morally unacceptable to clone either animals or humans. Scientists are tampering with the very essence of humanity. Cloning techniques will create more problems than they solve. The ethical and moral implications of cloning are such that it would be wrong for the human race to support or advocate it.