Cloning--Our Next Generation

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Cloning--Our Next Generation Some people believe that biologists are cloning human embryos only to see how far they can go, but in actuality, there are many legitimate reasons for investing cloning. Embryologists believe that research into cloning could help improve the life of future generations. I believe this is the main concern of most scientists. The idea that humans may one day be cloned-- created either in part or whole to be genetically identical to …

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…embryo is a human being. But, before the eighteenth day of gestation, embryos can and should be used to further research in light of the fact that there is so much beneficial information to be obtained through this research. I do not believe that the manual making of embryos for this purpose is morally right; however, I do believe that preexisting fetuses should be used to further the research of cloning specifically for therapeutic cloning.