Clockwork Orange

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"A ClockWork Orange" The picture opens to a close up of an eye with a peculiar long eyelash. The camera fades back onto the face of a young gentlemen, he begins to narrate: "There was me, that is Alex. And my three droogs (friends), that is Pete, Georgy and Dim. And we sat at the karuba milk bar trying to make up our plans for the eveningÖ" For those of you who donít know …

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…Orange meaning something organic like humans. And clockwork meaning something like conscription or being all the same. Thatís what drew me to this movie, itís title. But after watching it, "The Clockwork Orange" is a very complex movie, I had to watch it twice just to get the main idea. But the hidden meanings that are in it make the movie very enjoyable. I suggest you go rent and watch this fabulous movie.