Client Centered Therapy

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Carl Rogers developed client-Centered therapy in 40’s and 50’s. The approach of this therapy is non-directive. The word “non-directive” behavior means any therapists behavior that do not direct client in any way. Non-directive includes no questioning, no offering treatments, no interpreting and diagnosing. A non-directive approach is very appealing on the face of it to many clients, because they get to keep control over the content and pace of the therapy. In fact, this therapy …

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…own feelings, while taking this therapy, he or she can be healed real quick, and became able to take strong decisions by himself or herself. If the decisions are strong enough, it helps client increases relationship with his or her family or the person who he or she is coping with. Thus, it is clear that client-centered therapy is applicable to the person who is self-aware, self-accepting, and having no mask between oneself and therapists.