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Cleopatra VII Cleopatra The Queen of Egypt "Life of Cleopatra" by Craig T. Staunton Cleopatra VII's family had been ruling Egypt since 305 B.C., when Ptolemy I declared himself King of Egypt sometime after Alexander the Great's death. The Ptolemy family was of Macedonian decent, not of Egyptian. The capital city which they ruled from, Alexandria, had been established by Alexander and is a port city on the Mediterranean and Nile River. This made Alexandria …

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…not answered and probably won't be answered for along time.For example,in the United States we haven't yet had a women president.But we have taken a step up from the past.In the US Congress and Senate we have more women than we have had in the past.This is a step.When we get a women as a presidant,that will tell if Cleopatra has really made an impact in today's society......