Classical Horror in Dante's Inferno

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Classical Horror in Dante's Inferno XXV Dante Alighieri's Inferno is a piece of classical literary horror, influenced primarily by the classical writers Ovid and Virgil. Alighieri, as a poet, refined the classic techniques of horror to an art.[01] A shrewd and imaginative poet, he used graphic images to appease the appetite of the common reader while not neglecting their need for imaginative cultivation. His unique blend of image and substance is demonstrated best in two …

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…remembered for the Inferno. The dark side of human nature, the beast within all of us, and the insanity of the soul interest us because they emancipate us, if only for a short time, from the humdrum of our succinct, bland lives into a world where the rules of the world break down at the sub-atomic level, and are built back up again, not in God's image, but our own, sometimes twisted, ones. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**