Civil War Technology.

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Many technological advancements were implemented during the Civil War. Some of these include the introduction of the ironclad to naval warfare. The use of the railroad to speed armies and supplies around the country, high speed communication via the telegraph, the use of rifles that would change tactical warfare forever and the introduction of new medical practices and ambulance corps. One of the major technological advancements brought on by the Civil War was the introduction …

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…close order formation a suicide mission. This war also saw casualties on both sides in astronomical numbers due in no small part to the use of these new technologies. In the end the use of these new weaponry and technology would change how all wars there after would be fought. WORKS CITED McFreely, Mary Drake The Civil War Telecourse Study Guide. Virginia: EPM Publications, 1990. McPherson, James M.Battle Cry of Freedom New York,: Ballantine Books, 1989.