Civil War

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The American Civil WarIn 1860, arguably the world's greatest nation was locked in Civil War. Thewar divided the country between the North (Union) and South (Confederate).The war lasted five years and by 1865 the Confederate forces were trulybeaten. Out of this horrendous war though, where some 600,000 men died grewa greater sense of nationalism than is today, unrivalled around the world.The American Civil War is interpreted differently by many historians butmost see the catalyst as slavery, …

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…been solved. Since the Civil war towns havebeen rebuilt, mew industries flourish, and new schools have been erected.Now in America both the North and South live prosperously and peacefullytogether. Schenck describes America at the close of the war as, 'Adeveloping industrial nation emerged from the Civil War and there was agreater sense of nationalism.' This same sense of nationalism has beenfostered and developed throughout the last 135 years to form arguably theworld's greatest nation.