Civil Rights

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The 1950s lasted far longer than a numerical decade. The Fifty’s started in October 1947 when Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, escorting in a time of rapid progress. The accent of the era was on convenience and speed—a time when abundant steps were taken to free the housewife from the dreary grind of daily chores. The Fifties saw the mass production of laborsaving home appliances and convenience foods to provide women with more …

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…was ripe for leaders to step up and make a difference. From beginning of the Civil Rights Movement to Kennedy’s assassination to Vietnam and the Hippies Era, the fifties and Sixties were considered to be a chaotic time for America. Yet out of this evolutionary frenzy came a beautiful thing as blacks earned the equal rights they had fought for and deserved. The 1960s marked the climactic ending to the war for civil rights.