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Guten tag und wilkommmen zum Berlin Stadtrunfahrt. We will start our tour of Berlin with a brief history of the city. Berlin developed as a trading village in about 1200 AD. It's location at the junction on the Spree and Havel rivers helped to establish its importance. In the 1600's it became the capital of Prussia. Berlin's worst period began with Adolf Hitler's rise to power with the Nazi Party in 1933. During World War II in 1939 …

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…to the summer palace of Charlottenburg, completed in 1695 for the future queen, Sophie Charlotte. It is Berlin's most impressive example of royal architecture. In the informal Palace Gardens are several pavilions and the Royal Mausoleum. And here we are. Back at the Ku-damm. You have probably noticed that Berlin has also been infiltrated by Burger King, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut in the recent years. I hope you have enjoyed your tour and bid you Aufwiedersehen.