Citizens of Hell

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"You don't make up for your sins in church - you do it on the streets, you do it at home. The rest is bull*censored*, and you know it." (Charlie) Of all the film-makers dicussed here, none exploded with quite such volatile energy on the American screen as Martin Scorsese, with Mean Streets, in 1973. Of all our blood poets, none have displayed quite such a thirst and an appetite for ectoplasm either, nor such …

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…and the Mansons and the Goetzs (and the Reagans and the Bushes and the `Palantines'), and all the other citizens of Hell, keep themselves busy, making reality of the nightmare. Taxi Driver and Mean Streets give us the American Dream exploded - it's America looks like when the `Dream' comes true. And who could blame us, in which case, fo! r going back to sleep? * "We have reached the turning point." (Charles Palantine) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**