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Citizen Kane The classic 1941 film by Orson Wells, Citizen Kane, contained an unforgettable object, "Rosebud," which was referred to throughout the film. "Rosebud", was the last dying word of Charles Foster Kane, a rich and powerful newspaper mogul. While he lay on his deathbed in his mansion, he gazed at a snow globe and uttered the word "Rosebud." Rosebud was a sled that Kane had when he was a child. After his death a reporter …

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…word Rosebud. When asked what he found out about Kane, he says that Kane was a man who had everything and then lost it, and that maybe "Rosebud" was something he couldn't get or something he lost. He also said he didn't think that it would have explained anything anyway because he didn't believe that one word could explain a man's life. Little did he know that "Rosebud" came to represent Kane's life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**