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Introduction. The topic of my essay is “Cinematography in the United States of America and in Ukraine”. Looking through all the themes which can be taken, I have decided to stop at cinematography. I have chosen this topic, because it is a part of our everyday’s life. Cinematography is a mirror which reflects our life, our feelings, our thoughts and points of view. Movies reveal our problems. In a word, they are the creation …

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…the avant-garde Montage movement died out. In 1935, he oversaw the introduction of the doctrine of Socialist Realism into the cinema. The central tenet of Socialist Realism was partiynost’ and narodnost’. These untranslatable terms means that artists should depiict the life of ordinary people in a sympathetic way and to propagate the Communist party’s policies and ideology. The first film to procide a completre model of the new doctrine was Chapayev (1934, Sergey and Georgy Vasiliev).