Cinderella Comparison Grimm version vs. Traditional French version

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Cinderella Comparison: Grimm version vs. Traditional French version I feel that these two stories very nicely represent Allison Lurie's views of fairy tales. I feel this way because Lurie stated that fairy tales are "stories of magic and transformation". Such transformations are included in both versions, but in the French story in particular. For example, the magic of the fairy godmother is used in the story to transform a pumpkin into a coach, mice into …

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…the scholars linked fairy tales to sociology and psychology. From the social factors of the community to the deepest emotions of the inner soul, the ideas expressed in fairy tales guide people through their everyday lives. The French and Grimm versions of "Cinderella" followed many of these points. They were, however, similar and different from each other in many ways. When concluded, both versions of "Cinderella" pointed out the ongoing conflict between good and evil.