Cinco De Mayo

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Cinco De Mayo The 5th oF May is not an American holiday or Mexican Independence Day, even though it should be. Cinco De Mayo is in commemoration of the defeat of the French army by the Mexicans. This battle took place in Puebla on May 5, 1862. This holiday is more of a regional holiday celebrated in Mexico especially in Puebla. Celebrating Cinco De Mayo has become popular in many parts of the United States. The Mexican …

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…its unique Mexican customs. People enjoy seeing the wonderful entertainment the Mexican culture has. Some are the Mariachis and the Folkloric Dancers. The children also enjoy the breaking of the Pinata, which is filled with many candies, confetti and even many types of nuts. This is a wonderful time when different cultures and races come together and show unity. To the Mexican people, Cinco De Mayo represents freedom and liberty. Viva! el Cinco De Mayo!!