Cigarrette Advertisements

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Cigarette Advertisements Advertisements are everywhere. After turning on the television, within minutes the viewer will glimpse dozens of spot ads that attempt to lure him/her to buy a certain product, join a certain club, or watch a specific show. When driving on a highway those in the vehicle will pass countless billboards urging them to stop at a particular restaurant, spend the night at a distinguished hotel, or visit enjoyable family theme parks. The …

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…of a much more confident and secure woman. Such an attitude is greatly desired and admired by women of today. With its creativity, color, scheme, catchy quote, and relatable images the Winston advertisers successfully attract many prospective buyers. After thumbing through magazine after magazine, acknowledging the different aspects of each distinct cigarette ad, I believe that the Winston brand cigarette promotion conveys the most desired image, and is thus, in turn, the most effective advertisement.