Church Burnings

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“Racism Blamed in Shock Wave of Church Burnings,” read the screaming headline in the New York Daily News. “The South is Burning: A Rash of Torching at Black Churches Has Resurrected the Ugly Specter of Racism,” chimed in the Toronto Star. Newsweek warned of “Terror in the Night Down South,” While USA Today reported that “Arson at Black Churches Echoes Bigotry of Past.”(Fumento 1) In the summer of 1996, the U.S. media widely reported a …

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…concerned citizens. They received such a surplus that they could build each church 3 times over (Fumento 3). CDR manipulated the unsuspecting media to cause hysteria across the country for the sole purpose of raising money for their cause. However their cause was to eliminate discrimination. I think it is ironic that CPR’s actions created the situation they were ultimately trying to omit. The church burning incident in 96 gives us all another reason to question everything.