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An Incomplete Woman “Chrysanthemums”, by John Steinbeck is a short story written in 1938. Steinbeck discovered a new way of writing in “The Chrysanthemums”. He began a new approach by displaying his characters traits by their self-image and actions. Elisa is a prodigy of his new approach. She is involved with various character traits that display her true inner feelings. There are signs of her personal issues throughout the story. Elisa Allen, whom Joseph W. Beach …

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…of a different life by changing her attitude in separate situations. When she met the old and graying tinker, she was very irritated; however, content to their conversation. After struggling with her emotions and repressive feelings she brings it to a halt by accepting her fate. As she views herself as a withering old woman, it ends with a sign of strength of acceptance. Elisa is a very diverse character who overcame a challenging situation.