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The Chrysalids is a science fictional book of suspense, irony and pathos. The six main characters in the novel are David Strorm, Joseph Strorm, Gordon Strorm, Petra Strorm, Rosalind, and Sealand woman. They have different situations and different opinions in the story which adds more suspense and keeps the reader interested right to the least page. In this novel the differences between people are not physical but mental as well. The novel's narrator is a …

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…in The Chrysalids. Each character has his/her own characteristics and each of them is a unique person. From their interactions and events that happen between them, we know that Nuclear War brings a lot of conflicts to everyone. Wyndham uses Joseph to show the foolishness of trying to stop evolution from happening. Joseph is even willing to kill his children to prevent change. We can know that wars bring painful and misfortune to everyone.