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Homeschool children Homeschooling was practiced until about 150 years ago, when schools were established as educational institutes. Nowadays, homeschooling begins to develop and become more widespread again, because the school system is claimed by many people to be failing due to the typical educational plans that bring up stereotype groups of children with the same background. Accordingly, a minority of people preferred to follow homeschooling, which is teaching children at home, in order to bring up …

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…mentions, “we enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle, as we determined our own schedule and could learn more naturally” (3). This means that the lifestyle of the homeschooled children enables them to live and enjoy more freedom and comfort. The homeschooled children enjoy better lives than those who go to school do. They enjoy themselves, their ages, and their families. It is crystal clear that parents, who homeschool their children, are doing them an incredible favor.