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<Tab/><Tab/><Tab/>CHOLERA Causes And Contraction Of Cholera Cholera is the illness caused by a bacterium called Vibria cholerae. The most common cause of cholera is by someone eating food or drinking water that has been contaminated with the bacteria. After a disaster, this is a very real danger, since regular, clean water and food supplies are often unavailable. The disease can …

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…Treat cholera patients in a separate area and disinfect contaminated materials (e. g. bedding, drinking vessels). CHOLERA VACCINE: Cholera vaccine is a suspension of two strains of killed cholera bacteria in saline solution. Phenol is added as a preservative. Cholera vaccine is about 50% effective in preventing disease. The indications for cholera vaccine are travel to or from and residence in countries with cholera. Cholera vaccine is not recommended for infants under six (6) months of age