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Pain, more than any other symptom, brings people to chiropractic doctors. Indeed, pain is the chief complaint of at least eighty percent of first-time chiropractic patients. It may be a headache, backache, shoulder ache, or an ache or pain involving any of the body's nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones or joints, as well as pain originating from internal disorders. Helping the symptom, or pain, does not necessarily mean that the overall problem is being treated. …

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…fix the problem by doing procedures that do not actually improve a person's well being. For example, a medical doctor would fix a crooked spine by putting medal rods up the spine to keep it aligned. Chiropractors do a complete evaluation of the patient and overview the body, and then the chiropractor adjusts the spine into position. Chiropractic does not have much pain that someone would have after having medal rods placed in the back.