Chinese Pottery

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Chinese pottery The earliest Chinese pottery of which we have any records is the Neolithic ware from the river plains and loess highlands of north and north-west China. It was made between 5000 and 2000 B.C. and contains bowls, jars, pots and beakers of low-fires earthenware. This pots were not turned on a wheel but were buildt up by what is known as the Coil Method. That is, a long sausage of clay was wound carefully …

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…pottery. Grave figure. T’ang Dynasty. British Museum, London. Plate III T’ang Dynasty. British Museum, London. This plate was found at Tunhaung, and is probably a tenth-century copy of an earlier T’ang original. Kuan Yin originated in India as a male god named Avolokitesvara, and early pictures such as this one show the god wearing moustache; but in the course of time the Chinese came to think of Kuan Yin as a goddess.